Our Story


Our current principles regarding the membership of our website, the confidentiality and protection of the information provided, relevant transactions, and matters related to sales from our website have been adopted as follows:

Necessary precautions for the security of the information entered into our website and transactions have been taken by MUSTAFA MANSUR YILAR GOOD COFFEE and/or the relevant Card Institutions according to the nature of the information and transaction in the system and internet infrastructure.

All credit card transactions and approvals are conducted online by independent Bank and similar Card Institutions among you (Information such as credit card password is not seen or recorded by our website or our company).

The information entered by our Customers for membership on our website, especially confidential information such as credit cards and bank cards, cannot be viewed by other internet users.

Information belonging to our Members-Customers may be disclosed to relevant institutions within the framework of our responsibilities prescribed by legal regulations. In addition, the contact information and other information given during their membership and/or shopping can be recorded indefinitely, stored, processed, shared, and used at any time for the purposes of carrying out your membership transactions, updating them, providing various products/services by Good Coffee Roasting Co. and its business partners and suppliers, collection of product/service fees-expenses, and various promotion, advertising, promotion, communication, sales, and carding practices by our company and the specified organizations.

Products purchased from our website can only be returned to our website.

Used products are not accepted for return.

When there is a product that is produced or personalized upon special request and demands of our Customers, or when there is a product that cannot be returned due to its nature, or when there is a possibility of rapid deterioration or expiration date, or in general when the product is used or even if it is not used when the product is removed from its packaging; our Customers cannot use their right of withdrawal.

It is obligatory to present the invoice for the products to be returned.

Payment for products purchased from our website can only be made by credit card and other methods specified on our website.

Shipments are made only within the borders of the Republic of Turkey from our website.

To unsubscribe from our website membership, you can use the "unsubscribe from membership" link in all e-mails sent by www.goodcoffee.com.tr.

In your shopping from our website, the relevant order pre-notification form-sales contract, which you will see in each transaction, will also be valid.

You can contact us via the contact methods specified on our website for additional information on the subjects.

I accept MUSTAFA MANSUR YILAR GOOD COFFEE's above-mentioned principles as a Member-Customer and allow my personal and other information I have stated in your company's form to be recorded indefinitely or for the period they will foresee, to be stored in written/magnetic archives, to be kept, processed, updated, shared, transferred, and used by your company and current and future subsidiaries, affiliates, partners, successors, and/or third parties and organizations they will determine for all kinds of promotion, advertising, promotion, communication, sales, marketing, store card, credit card, and membership applications.